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Sheridan Sun: Rub-a-dub-dub, Sheridan chugs a tub

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Within the hallowed halls of Sheridan College’s Trafalgar campus beats the heart of the student community. The ConneXion pub (known as ‘The Cage’ in days of yore) is a friendly place to unwind between classes, to pull out your laptop and study, or simply to down a pitcher of beer, or three, or nine.

But just how much “unwinding” and “studying” (both code words for drinking, of course) goes on at our favourite haunt? The numbers may surprise you.

According to Sheridan Student Union President Crystal Bennett, ConneXion sold an astonishing $358,788 of alcohol over the entire 2008 academic year. “Sales tend to start out really strong around September, then taper off as we get into the school year,” said Bennett. This September, ConneXion had already sold $64,110 worth of libations to thirsty students looking to reunite with old friends over a drink.

Anyone seated at the bar is treated to a steady procession of students exchanging money for colourful cocktails and sudsy pitchers of golden ale – but have you ever wondered how many bathtubs could be filled with the booze we buy? Lucky for you, this intrepid Sheridan Sun reporter has!

Let’s assume that the $358,788 worth of alcohol sold in 2008 was evenly split between beer (in a 355ml can) and bar shots (one ounce, or almost 30ml of liquor,) giving us a subtotal of $179,394 sold of each. Let us further assume that based on average cost, a beer will set you back $4 and a bar shot $4.50. These averages attempt to crudely factor in the differing values between premium and discount drinks, as well as daily specials where cheaper drinks are served.

The figures are mind-blowing: Approximately 45,000 cans of beer were sold in 2008. Assuming the cans were of the 355ml variety, Sheridan students guzzled nearly 16,000 litres of beer during the previous academic year. For bar shots, the number stands at around 40,000 individual shots sold. Assuming that each shot was 30ml, this equates to 1,200 L of hard liquor.

An average bathtub is roughly 1.5m in length, 60cm wide, and 30cm deep. It can hold approximately 270 litres of liquid. If all the beer consumed by the Sheridan student body in 2008 were, by some tragic turn of events poured out into such a bathtub, it would overflow quite quickly. In fact, a total of 60 bathtubs would be required to hold it all, with another four and a half tubs required to hold the hard liquor.

Last September, a best-selling month at the ConneXion pub, boasts its own impressive sales: Approximately 8,000 beers and 7,100 bar shots have cleared the counter since the academic year began. This translates to roughly 10.5 tubs of brew, and nearly an entire bathtub filled with liquor. For those feeling pangs of guilt, worry not: we have not yet managed to fill an Olympic swimming pool, which holds 2,500,000 litres. This reporter finds himself wondering where he stowed his snorkel.

With our dip into statistics complete, SSU President Bennett had these cautionary words: “I think the best nights any student can have, are the nights when everyone gets home safely. Everyone’s responsible, it helps share the fun. Obviously, drinking and driving is a big no-no, it’s so dangerous. It’ll ruin any night. So my biggest recommendation for Sheridan students is to drink wisely, drink smart and have fun!”

The Student Union is organizing an “Alcohol Awareness” event in the coming months, to promote a safer party lifestyle and responsible attitudes toward alcohol consumption.

This story originally appeared in the Sheridan Sun.

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Written by tomczerniawski

March 14, 2010 at 11:46 am

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