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Sheridan Sun: H1N1: Is Sheridan getting piggy with it?

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Sheridan College’s Pandemic Response Team sent a message last week to those suffering from flu-like symptoms:

Stay home!

According to the release, the Pandemic Response Team “has developed a plan to prepare for the possible outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus in our community.  To date, H1N1 symptoms in Canada have been similar to those of regular seasonal flu.  Since there is no widely available accurate test for H1N1 flu, anyone with symptoms is considered to have ‘influenza-like illness.'”

The symptoms of H1N1 include:


Sudden onset of fever



Body/muscle aches

Physical exhaustion

Dry cough with sore throat and stuffy nose


Students are urged to stay home from school and limit their contact with others if they believe they may have the flu – whether of the regular or porcine variety. For those conclusively affected by this media-friendly malaise, the announcement offers advice on ensuring that the illness does not affect your academic standing.

First, report the illness directly to your faculty. Please use your Sheridan email account to ensure that the message is received. Next, complete the Student Absence Reporting Form located on AccessSheridan – follow the ‘O.A.S.I.S. – Self Service’ link. Once inside Self Service follow this path:  Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Report Influenza Absence.

Be sure to fill out all the fields, and to update the form with your date of return once your illness is over. Those without Internet access are urged to report their absence via voicemail at 905-845-9430.

What about the vaccine? While the Sheridan announcement mentions preference for conventional treatment such as rest, frequent intake of fluids and over-the-counter medication, there is scarcely a mention of the controversial flu shot. Vaccines function by imparting ‘swarm resistance.’ They grant immunity to a majority of the population, thereby leaving little ground for disease to thrive – assuming a majority of the population gets the shot. But will Sheridan’s student body accept, or reject the immunization?

Sheridan student Daniel Stan had not yet received the vaccine. “Not yet, but I am planning on it,” said Stan, who places his faith in the vaccine’s effectiveness. “First of all, I have a stronger belief in science than others, so I tend to trust those who know more than me.”

Other students were less certain. “I’m not sure. I think it’s just like, a normal flu that’s going around. As long as you get a shot, you should be fine,” said Ranjit Ghag.

“You’d think it was a breakout of the black plague. The Star ran articles about frightened parents herding their children to get the shot. It was nuts.”

Even Sheridan staff has the swine flu on their minds. “I always get my flu shot every year, but I’ll wait for the lineups to get shorter,” said Jennifer Legacy, Second Cup barista. Her co-worker however, remained non-plussed. “I never get it. What do I need it for? I’m healthy,” added Ewa Kopij.

This story originally appeared in the Sheridan Sun.

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Written by tomczerniawski

March 14, 2010 at 12:08 pm

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